Silver Promotion Service - All Sights on Silver

Apr 12, 2018
INSTORE Magazine, April 2018 issue, The Silver Promotion Service - All Sights on Silver
You can call it fancy. We call it fantastic! With scrolls, weaves and other intricate flourishes, designers are showing off some stylish, baroque-inspired silver designs this season. With or without gemstones, it's a look that's fresh, hip and very on-trend. (INSTORE, April 2018 issue, pg. 12) 
chandelier swirl earrings, sterling silver & white topaz

Delicate layers of sterling silver chain necklaces, bracelets and even earrings, tasseled and layered, is a fresh, new look for silver lovers. The combination of thin silver jewelry--draped or stacked, one on top of another--creates a sheer, shimmering look that's simply delightful. (INSTORE, April 2018 issue, pg. 13)
Layered chains and pendants, sterling silver and gemstones


chains and pendants, sterling silver, gemstones, 18K
pendants $175 - $485
chains $90 - $265



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