Gemstone Spotlight: White Mabe Pearl

White Mabe Pearl is a unique stone we utilize in various pieces of our jewelry and certainly makes for a statement piece. White Mabe Pearl is special because it goes through a very different process to be made than any other variety of pearl. A Mabe Pearl is defined as a blister pearl because it grows ingrained in the shell of the oyster whereas most pearls grow within the tissue of the oyster. 
While the pearl is forming on the shell it is considered to only be a blister pearl because it must be worked into a specific form before it can be named a Mabe pearl. The pearl is "worked" into a Mabe by cutting the pearl out of the shell with a circular drill and the nucleus is removed and replaced with a resin substance. Then the pearl is capped with a mother of pearl backing and there you have it, the Mabe pearl is finished. Mabe Pearls are a popular choice in jewelry making because they posses a high luster and are beautiful stones but are less rare and much easier to cultivate making it a more accessible material. In most cases, the Mabe Pearls are used for rings and earrings (as seen above with our logo cutout ring, Kirsten stone ring, and Kirsten drop earrings) but we take it a step further and use them as large centerpieces placed between strands of double curb chain on our Kirsten Stone Station Necklace. We also use a large White Mabe Pearl as the centerpiece on one of our single stone pendants. 
KIR Collection Logo Cutout Ring in White Mabe Pearl

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