Gemstone Spotlight: Topaz

Topaz is an extremely versatile gemstone because in its pure form it is, in fact, colorless but it can be tinted by imperfections that make it available in all colors of the rainbow. It is formed from prismatic crystals of aluminum and fluorine. In our collections, we utilize three varieties of topaz: Sky Blue, London Blue, and White. The sky blue is deep and almost ocean colored whereas the London blue is very light and delicate and then white has no true color. Since white topaz is in its original form, it is easily accessible in the market with high quality but the hues of blue are more difficult to find since it requires extra treatments. The gemstone is hard and durable so, again, a perfect option to use in jewelry that promises a long-lasting piece and also adds fabulous sparkle. Topaz is one of the gems we use most often across all of the collections since it has so many desirable properties to use in a piece but we're particularly in awe of what topaz has to offer in our new channel collection with pieces that truly are the definition of elegance. 
KIR Collection Kirsten Stone Ring in Blue Topaz

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