Gemstone Spotlight: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz really adds a pop of color to specific pieces in our collection. The pink hues are very different from our usual color schemes that are more cool, earthy colors of blues and greens. Besides the fact that who really can't be happy when wearing a little sparkle of pink?! Quartz is extremely durable and plentiful in the market since it is not found in only one type of rock but many different ones and can be sourced almost anywhere in the world, it is not specific to any region. That being said, the most pure quartz is actually very rare and can be quite expensive since it is in high demand for the semiconductor industry. 
The rose color emphasized in our jewelry is attributed to very small amounts of titanium, manganese, and iron found within the natural quartz pieces. The color was originally discovered here in the U.S. and alternately in Brazil. 
Quartz was iconic in jewelry making in 17th century Europe as Jade was to Asia, therefore it was highly valuable. Although, at the time, It was primarily used for a carving material rather than have the stones showcased as gems as we use them in our lines for a sleek and modern look. 
KIR Collection Polki Earring in Rose Quartz

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